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Learn Your Acorns

I spent the summer and fall of 2020 researching and photographing all kinds of oak trees across Middle Tennessee and created an identification guide full of high-quality photos and information.

Learn how to identify bark, leaves, habitat, growing habits, acorns, and wildlife food value of over 20 common oak species found across the eastern US.

This guide is a work in progress, and more photos and info will be added as I acquire them. I plan to add more species in the future as I venture out of Tennessee for some more localized species in surrounding states.

If you live in the eastern US, particularly the Southeast, this guide should tell you all you want to know about most of the oaks you will find when scouting the woods for deer, hogs, ducks, or whatever it may be.

The guide can be found in the Woodsman's Corner page, linked in the menu at the top. Or, click the image above to head straight to the guide.

Feel free to leave feedback! I'm all ears.

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