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Wingbone Calls!

Turkey season is under way and some of y’all have been asking about the wingbone calls. I have a bunch of em to build, but havent had much time to work on them lately. I will get them finished up as soon as I can, and they’ll be available here on the website on a first come, first served basis. Sorry but I’m not taking reservations. I will also announce on Facebook and Instagram when the calls are available. Hope y’all have a great season!

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02 oct. 2021

Have you watched the channel with Steve Insdhal of British Columbia ? He has his hunting channel but has also taken up the subject of Sabe or Sasquatch [ aka Bigfoot ] with thousands of stories from all walks of life people including fighter pilots who looked at them through infrared technology - which the Sasquatch picked up on and shielded his eyes from.

Great coverage on the acorns, and a great education for us. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

On your game call - the WingBone call, there was a story that Steve read on and a hunter was using his call and a Sabe stalked up and approached; rose over the brush in front of…


09 déc. 2020

Nothing like taking your passion and implementing it !!


David Roberie
David Roberie
26 oct. 2020

I just discovered your channel . I am an avid squirrel hunter and I'm pretty good. But I was extremely impressed with your skill with 22 LR out of a canoe! I tried with a 22 this weekend. I had fox squirrels all around me. I shot 6 but only hit 3. How in the hell can you shoot steady out of a canoe? ! I need to practice. Love your channel.

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